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Some General Questions about American Dental Schools

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Hi all,


I know these questions will not apply to *all* dental schools in the US as some will vary, but I was hoping someone could help me out here.


1) Most US schools start taking applications as early as May of the calendar year before admission (ie may 07 for sept 08 admission). Now I'm a 2nd year student and I'm wondering: If this May, I send in my application to schools that require 3 years of undergrad, and have just the records for my 2 years, how does that work? Do I have to kinda let them know what courses I'll be taking in my third year?


2) Are most US schools ok with taking spring/summer courses? Like for example, let's say I am already taking 10 courses during the fall/winter semester for 3 years, but on top of that I take a couple of the prerequisites in the summertime. Would that be alright?


3) I know some schools accept Canadian DATs, but still would they PREFER te American DAT? ie will that boost your odds more if you have the same score on the american DAT?

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