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Just show up to the right place with your government issued picture ID


"Identification Required on Test Day


The Test Center Administrator (TCA) must positively identify you before allowing you to enter the testing room. You must provide personal identification in the form of a current, valid, major form of government-issued ID containing an expiration date, your photo, and signature (e.g., a driver's license or passport), in which the name matches that of your registration EXACTLY. The TCA will inspect your personal identification to make certain that it has not been altered and that it belongs to you. The TCA cannot accept employee ID's, school ID's, library cards, or similar identification, even if issued by government-sponsored institutions. If you cannot obtain government-issued identification, or you are unsure if the ID you have meets our requirements, you must contact the MCAT Program Office, (202) 828-0690, well in advance of your test date.


The Test Center Administrator will admit to the testing room only those examinees they can positively identify. Your identification must meet the above requirements or you will not be admitted to the exam. This is absolutely required for admission to the MCAT exam and we regret we cannot make exceptions."

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