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congratulations!!! what were your stats like? mcgill doesn't post anything


My cGPA is 3.9 OMSAS converted. and my DAT scores were not overly competitive (but I guess competitive enough :P)

RC = 22

BIO = 21

CHEM = 18 :(

AA = 20

PAT = 22

carving = 23


I think the trick for McGill is to have a great autobiography and great references. So I took my time to make careful decisions on who should be my references and sat down with them to explain my decision for dental school and discuss the strengths/experiences I have that pertain to the field. I also wrote multiple drafts of my autobiogrpahy and had close friends help me edit it. I hope that helps

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I got notice by email yesterday.

I have read before that McGill bases interview invites on marks and then gives you a score on everything (including interview) and gives the most competitive applicants an acceptance offer.

Anybody know how many OOP interviews/acceptances they give?

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From the website:


"Interviews are conducted in the Faculty Offices in Montreal between mid-January and the end of February for U.S., International and Canadian applicants, late February for Québec residents applying to the D.M.D. program, mid-March for Québec residents applying to the Dent-P program.


We will do our best to give you two weeks notice."

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For those who got an invite, are you going to the Open House on Sunday? I registered for it, but not sure what to expect.


I'm planning to fly in on Friday night so I can spend all day Saturday sight-seeing...any suggestions of what I should check out?



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