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good luck to all of you out there!

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Hey everyone,


I don't know about all of you.. but I did a pretty good job 'forgetting' about my medical school application through the fall & early winter.. pretty much up until Christmas.. & then New Year's rolls around and it's that time to feel it creeping up on you again. So .. the invites have typically gone out between the 26th and 30th of January over the past few years (this is my fourth year applying, so I've had a bit of experience, now).. with rejection emails following between a few days and a week later. So my best guess is that leaves us with about 2&1/2 weeks of waiting left!


So I thought I'd start a little thread to just send some good luck out to all of you. I probably have a decent idea (what, with how many times I've applied and all, lol) how you are all probably feeling, and I wish each and every one of you all my best in all of this over the next few months.


Keep your chins up!


And all my best,


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Hey Barnickles,


Thanks, you too....This cycle is my 4th time as well. I did interview on my 2nd try and was "good" waitlisted...what a trip that was! So I too know what you are going through...and so does many people here. So here's to the next 2.5 weeks and hopefully it will be good to us!




Dr. E77 :P

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Hey! It is my first time applying and I am really not too freaked out or even excited. I am too busy with other tidbits to really have time to eat my nails and have sweaty nightmares. I am sort of glad that the winter vacation ended as it reunites one with old friends and they make all the troubles go away :)

There is no point being anxious about a little envelope, she is not worth it. I can only imagine if you are anxious now, you will be in similar shape during the interview and that is just not good. Be relaxed! You did everything in your power and you know where you stand: your gpa, personality and applications are all under your control. You have things under control. Now go out and have fun!


I completely agree.


Good luck :)

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