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Question about GPA


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Hello all,


I struggled a bit in my first three semesters of my biochemistry degree. As such, my GPA in these years was lower than I would have hoped. I have adjusted to life in university and my last few terms have gone much better (3.88 and 3.94 in the last two semesters). Even with these grades my overall GPA is at 3.484 as of right now (I am starting my second semester of my third year). I feel confident I can keep my GPA in the 3.9 range for my remaining three semesters bringing my overall GPA up to around 3.65.


I was wondering if it will even be possible to get into medical school with this overall GPA. I have heard that they look favorably on marks going up over the university career which should help me. As well, I have volunteered in a local emergency room for over a year and plan to continue until I finish my degree. I spent last summer doing an independent research project in cancer theraputics and am planning on going back this summer. As well, I will complete a full year of research in my final year of school to get my honours degree.


So my question is should I invest the time, money and effort (MCAT's, research into schools, etc) or will my GPA make me ineligible. I really want to pursue a career in medicine, for what I see to be the right reasons (not money or prestige). So what do you all think? Do I stand a chance? I would probably apply to schools in western Canada (UBC, Alberta, Calgary, Sask, etc).


Thanks in advance for any advice/help!!

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