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Invites sent (via email)

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I'm IP. Also, evaluation status has been updated, and statuses for site preference and references have been added. I can't find the links to book my interview either though, although i'm sure they'll get the link up soon.


edit: try logging in again. worked for me (:

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Nope Nothing on my end. Oh well good to finally know. I am making the assumption that its all electronic and all interview invites went out at once.


Good luck on the interviews everyone, and for those who didn't get one, don't give me. Keep on trying. There are alternative options for medicine outside Canada.

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I just wanted to let everyone know who HAS received an invite and has NOT booked a date yet:


When you log in, click "Interview Information" on the left side. Scroll down a bit (perhaps a page) and you'll see:


Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMI)


The Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) format consists of, you meeting individually with 10 interviewers over a 1 hour and 50 minute cycle. Each individual interview will be 8-minutes in length with 2-minutes transition time.


The chosen interviewers represent various geographical areas of British Columbia and consist of a combination of clinicians, academics, community members and 3rd and 4th year medical students. The interviewers will not have access to any material from your application. The interviewers are not prepared to answer questions from you about the Faculty and/or the MD Undergraduate Program but you will have an opportunity to ask questions from students and staff members after your interview.


Click on
to confirm your interview date & time by the January 31, 2008 (12 noon PST) deadline


Notice that there is a link right above. Click on that link ASAP. You need to go there to book your interview date before your choices fill up!


Just wanted to let everyone know, as this forum has been extremely helpful for me so I thought I'd contribute :)

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