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Which schools have the best residency programs for rads?

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"They" always tell us that the best way to get an idea of a school's residency program is to talk to the residents. Unfortunately, I haven't really met any rads residents. I was just wondering which schools are considered to have the best residency training program for radiology.



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Everybody and their dog applied to rads this year. I only had a few interviews at places I did not do electives, it will be a dog fight (pun intended) until the end...


My elective at UofA was great, I second that, the residents and staff are very nice.


You need a back-up though, so I would advice against doing electives in only one specialty. In fact, I think it's a shame that it comes to that, doing electives in only one thing. Electives should be used to complete ones clinical skills/weaknesses...it seems to be going that way now I heard.


Good luck, and residents really are the people to talk to...



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