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Yea, this surprised me

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So I was sitting in a waiting room just today and picked up a chatelaine magazine January 2008 addition. After flipping through pages of useless advertisements, I finally came upon something that relates to me and most probably everyone else in this forum. On page 56, "A bite out of debt: Ottawa periodontist Sandra Chong cleans and polishes her spending habits."


Who am I: Sandra Chong, 35

Occupation: Dental specialist in periodontics

Annual Income: Usually about $85, 000. "This year, I'll only earn $65, 000 because I took three months off for maternity leave."

Job credentials: A B.Sc. in chemistry from the University of Ontario plus a degree in dentistry and an M.Sc. in periodontics from the University of Toronto.

My Last Major Purchase: "Our second car: a 10-year-old Subaru Legacy for $3,500."


I've included on the relevant info..I didn't know a dental specialist made so little. :confused: :confused: :confused::cool:


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Well it says she went on maternity leave....for how long? maybe she took a year off to be with her baby and thus didn't make a lot. I'm not sure exactly how female Dentists take time off to have kids...i'm guessing they hire a temp dentist to come in and work their practice while they are on leave?? Any ideas?

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Wow, i guess she is only working 1.5 days a week, and taking care the child at home? I understand that metro / major centre area, there are lots of competition regarding, number of dentists per thousands capita. As for specialists, there aren't as bad. Now I am wondering if the practise is incorporated and she is only paying herself 85k? who knows.


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