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On average, how many graduate applicants are there each year?

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I realize that graduate students are evaluated apart from the undergraduate applicants but I'm just a bit curious about what proportion of the total applicant pool is comprised of graduate students, ie how many PhD students apply each year and how many MSc students do the same?


From conversations with friends enrolled in the U of T Med program, I'm under the impression that nearly 1/3 of the entering class usually holds a graduate degree. Any other thoughts/opinions on this out there?

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5. How many applied? How many spots?


Year (Entrance) / Applied / Spots

2004 / 1,943 / 198

2003 / 1,605 / 198

2002 / 1,681 / 198

Source: OUAC, U of T FAQ.


Approximately 450 of the applicants are graduate students.**



6. How many are interviewed?


Approximately 450 (of which approximately 90 are graduate students).**

See U of T FAQ for table.



7. How many are offered admission?


Approximately 275.***


In 2002 U of T made 287 offers to fill 198 seats. Approximately 20-25% of the class have an advanced degree.

Source: U of T's LCME Accreditation Paper


This info is from http://p092.ezboard.com/fpremed101frm66.showMessage?topicID=14.topic, I found it while searching for something else and thought I might as well post :)

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