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Australian Medical Schools visit to Canada

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G’day everyone,


I am posting this message to inform you that a number of Australian medical schools will be visiting Canada in the next few weeks.


The Australian medical schools visiting Canada are:


Bond University

Monash University

The University of Melbourne

The University of Queensland


The purpose of the visit is to provide prospective students from Canada an opportunity to meet with each university and learn more about the medical programs which are offered. As well, it also provides prospective students with the opportunity to learn more about admission requirements, overseas clinical placements, etc.


Below are regions which the universities will be visiting:


London, Ontario

Waterloo, Ontario

Guelph, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario

Vancouver, British Columbia


For further information regarding the dates, times and venues of where each university will be, please visit: http://www.oztrekk.com/MBBSvisit2008.htm


Also, some of the Australian medical schools which offer graduate entry medical programs will be opening their applications soon. To learn more as to when the applications will be opening, the application procedure and entry requirements, please contact me directly: matt@oztrekk.com





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