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osap and savings

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I was wondering if anyone knew anything about OSAP and savings accounts. A savings account, with a small amount of money in it earning interest (under 5000), if I would like to continue earning interest on this money, maybe contribute to it, and use it to pay off any school debt when I am done with the few extra dollars ive made from having it.


I know that OSAP well find out about this account since it would be attached to my SIN number, so obviously I have to report it to them when I apply for OSAP loans. This savings money is then obviously going to effect how much money I do get from OSAP, potentially...?


Is there anyway to hide the savings account asset, and have it continue to grow, without having to worry about it jepordizing your OSAP loans?


Thanks for any info you can give me.

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the house thing might be a few years off for me, but that is definately a good idea... short of having your parents open a savings account for you hah... which who knows if that would actually be worth doing because of any complications or taxes on there end!


any ideas ?

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