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The Journal for Youth Investigators (JYI), an international peer-reviewed science journal run entirely by undergraduates, is recruiting for a number of positions: editors, science journalists, website programmers, public relations and finance officers.


JYI has existed for around 10 years and is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the peer-reviewed journal Science. We are the #1 undergraduate science journal in the world. Our staff of 150 has won Rhodes Scholarships, and hail from over 30 different countries including Singapore, Nepal, Great Britain, Peru, Australia, India among others. Our endowment numbering in the hundreds of thousands of dollars gives us great flexibility in our initiatives.


Personally, I have been with JYI for over a year and found it an extremely rewarding experience working with the brightest students from across the world. It a powerful example of how the internet is creating Thomas Friedman’s ‘flat world.'


To bring the concept of the organization home, here is a feature in Nature about JYI back in 2001, although you should note we’re 150, not 30 people right now. http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v411/n6833/full/411013a0.html


The preferred deadline is February 24th, 2008 and positions available are listed here: http://www.jyi.org/participate.php.


I strongly urge you to apply, and wish you the best of luck in your application.

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