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Length of Residence in North

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Well, people can speculate on this quite a bit, but from how I see it...the FOUNDER of the school, Dr. Roger Strasser is quite involved in research. One of his more recent articles suggests that students who were not raised 5+ years in a rural setting will most likely not stick around and practice medicine in rural settings post-training...so if this is what the founding dean believes. Check it out for yourselves (pubmed):




Somers GT, Strasser R. What does it take? The influence of rural upbringing and sense of rural background on medical students' intention to work in a rural environment. Rural Remote Health. 2007 Apr-Jun;7(2):706. Epub 2007 Apr 11.

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This has been covered in previous posts .... Do some searching.


As far as what has been told to people is that it is 10 years.


After 5 years I believe you get some additional points as well ...


Im about 7 year 10 months off from benefiting from being considered a NO resident :-)



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