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Help with Mac Supplementary Application?

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Hey everyone,


Im going to apologize in advance for posting this question on the pre-med forum, but I cant think of anywhere else to get some answers to my question.


I have applied to McMaster's Health Sciences Program, but I still have to complete my Supplementary Application, which is due Feb. 8.


The form is pretty standard, three long answer questions and some general information. The first two questions I have no problem with, but the last question is "If there were one question which should not be asked, what would the question be and why?"


I dont know if it is just me, but this question seems rather vague and open-ended. Are they asking for what I personally would not want them to ask me about my education, extra-curriculars, etc., or are they asking about what I think should not be asked of all applicants? (like race, ability to pay tuition, or the like).


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, and Im hoping that some of the premeds on this forum may have answered this question in years past.



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Hey EastofEden,


For that question they're saying if there is one question that should not be asked on the application for all applicants, what would it be? they're looking for a unique well supported answer.


Be original and creative with it. Don't just write something like they should not ask about religion, even though it's a completely correct and valid point. However, there are some 3000 people applying for that program also, and imagine how many of them will also have that answer. But then again, it could also depends on how well you support/defend your point. So anything is possible I guess.


Hope that helps and good luck with the application.

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