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McGill - Application Status on Minerva changed

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Hi again everyone, I was waitlisted so I flipped out and went to talk to Maria Paliotti and Patricia Bassett.


Here's the deal:

All the OOP applicants who were interviewed (I think there were like 60 of us maybe minus one b/c someone didn't show, I'm not sure... let's go with 60) and put in order on a list numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.


They have accepted the top 7 (seven) OOP so far and apparently everyone else who had the interview is waitlisted.


They may or may not accept more depending on how interviews go with the Quebec residents this month and I believe the Dent-Ps interview in March. So they will decide how many OOP spots in the class they will have after they interview everyone (OOP, Quebec, Dent-P).


Hope that made sense and helped. Congrats to the lucky 7 and good luck to everyone!


P.S. They told me where I ranked on the list when I asked! They were very nice about it :)


P.P.S. HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's the year of the RAT! WOOOOOOOO!!!

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McGill invites too many people for interviews in my opinion, no other school requires as much supplementary info to make their decisions about who gets an interview and every other school seems to invite a much smaller ratio of interviewees:spots. Maybe I'm just pissed because I got waitlisted too. But 7/60 is pretty tough competition.

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Okay, I'm trying to be hopeful here... but I agree with OutEast that 7/60 is crazy competitive. So back to being hopeful:


For the class entering Fall 2008, 7 OOP is not necessarily the final number. They may decide to take more OOP after they interview the Quebecers.


The 4th year who took me on the tour of the clinic said her year was more than half OOP.... so something like 15/60 doesn't seem so bad.


I think they mentioned they try to keep it roughly around 10/10/10 (OOP/Quebec/Dent-P) though.

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Hey All,

I just checked my Minerva status and it said "Refused." What does that mean? Also, if anyone has any advice on improving my DAT reading comprehension marks I would be really interested in hearing from you.






:) Of course this is a joke. Congratulations to all the OOP who managed acceptance and waitlist to McGill. It was my #1 choice for a number of reasons, but it looks like it will never be a reality. What a great school!

I was wondering if anyone who finished, or will be finishing, their degree in 9 or more semesters was interviewed. I talked to the admissions people last spring and they told me that my chances would be reduced because I had two part time semesters and would be finishing my degree in 9 semesters. I'm an Alberta student with high GPA (CUM 3.96 for now.......we'll see how Biochem goes) and average DATs (18-21). Anyway, I'm still hoping for Alberta, but I was just wondering if there were any other part-timers out there who will be in Quebec in the Fall. Once again.....congrats and enjoy Montreal....what a beautiful city.

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