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MCAT + Physics?


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Just wondering,


To what level of university does the MCAT test your physics knowledge per say? I will only have a first year physics under my belt when I attack the behemoth aka MCAT.




I only had one year of high school physics, which I completed about 15 years before I wrote the MCAT. With the help of the Examkrackers review book, I got a 12 in the PS section. Thus, I don't think you need a very high level of physics to do well on the exam.


Best wishes to you!


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The physics course I intend to take at my school covers these topics:


mechanics, fluid mechanics, waves and heat.


This physics course is like a 'science course for arts students.' But it does cover the topics from half of first year physics.


The second half of first year physics topics include: electricity and magnetism, optics, and selected topics from nuclear physics and modern physics.


Does the MCAT cover those second half first year physics topics extensively?

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Guest begaster



You're going to need to know:


Dynamics, kinematics, optics, electromagnetism, waves (sound, mechanical), and fluid mechanics. I may be missing something. Regardless, a passage regarding EM, Optics, and Kinematics/Dynamics will undoubtedly show up on your MCAT.

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just to add - sorry if it has already been said, i only skimmed the above posts - physics on the MCAT is high school level. university physics is usually calculus based and there is no calculus on the MCAT. that being said, doing a university course will be helpful because it'll give you the opportunity to be taught the material as opposed to strugging through it yourself (assuming physics isnt your strongest subject).

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