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MA/MSc course work only degree


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Hello Everyone,



I am thinking of some possible options for next year in case I don't get in to med school. My university (York) offers MA/MSc course work only degree in Kinesiology and Health Science (I am currently a kinesiology and psychology double major). This masters program does not include a research component.


The reason I am considering this is because it is a fairly easy program to get into, no GREs are needed and I do not need to search for a supervisor,I simply need to apply....Also, I am very much interested in the type of courses that are offered as part of this program. However, my ultimate goal would still be to apply to med school afterwards.


So, my question is, since this program does not include a thesis component, how would this be looked upon by med schools? From those of you who have done a masters without a thesis component what are some of the advantages and disadvanatges, as I am completely clueless when it comes to any graduate degrees except for med schools



Thanks so much!

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