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It's midterm time so let's b*tch about it!


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Mine was last week...I have had four exams in three days. o_O


Monday was Culture and Biology (which I owned, litterally, my background in biology helped a lot, I think...I'm now studying Anthropology, btw. I may have gotten 90%), tuesday was Intro to Culture (didn't go too well, in part because I wasn't aware that the teacher had posted the study guide on her website...I expect to have 70%). Last wednesday was Italian and German in succession...Both went quite well, and I thought I would have trouble with Germna, but things turned out well I think...I'll find out tomorrow.


This week was Race and Ethnics. It went quite well, and I expect to have around 80%.


I took a day off today. I was so exhausted with exams and work. XD (I only had one class anyway)

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I'm on my reading week, spending it with my sister at UWO

life is sweet and what's even sweeter is that I also get family day off whereas most other school's can't take advantage of family day because it already falls on their reading week...



oh sorry am I in the wrong thread?




But if it makes anyone feel better I have a biochem midterm next thursday, after that, the monday following I have a environmental science test, then in the same week I have a microbiology midterm, then the week after I have my essay outline due, oh and I have labs every week until the end of the semester...:mad: :mad:

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