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Weighing apply??

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Hello there,


I apologize if this has been asked before, but my situation seems pretty rare and I haven't found anything on it. I'm currently in my second year with a full course load (4 last term, 6 now), but my first year I only had 9 half-year courses, having dropped out of one (W on transcript).


However, I took I.B. credit for a half-course in the first year, thus giving me 10 courses worth of credit. Does this count as a "full year" worth of credit?, or not, since the credit was not actually from a course. If this doesn't, would overloading (11 courses in third year) make up for the 9 courses thing?


p.s. Would coming from another school where fewer than 10 courses count as full-time matter? (OMG, my wall of text crits for ouch :eek: - sorry for those reading :P )


Thanks in advance!

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