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Good Luck To all who interviewed and will interview at UBC

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I think the interview went ok. But the open house was great! very informative, the tour was excellent and well worth the extra day spent there. The clinic itself is very warm and inviting and very comfortable to be in (IMO anyways!) much nicer than some other school clinics I've seen before. I think the group interviewed today was from western Canada. The weather was gray but its the usual Vancouver winter weather. The PBL section is optional so if you have to leave you don't have to go. But I would recommend that you go. Its worth spending the extra time to experience PBL. I went and realized that PBL might not be as bad as people make it seem. So the way it works is you get a 1 hour lecture first about the PBL philosophy and how its supposed to work. Then you are sent off in small groups to the PBL rooms to try it out. You are predivided into small groups beforehand.


That was a lengthy reply but once again best of luck and just try to enjoy the process and you'll do fine!

Oh and btw, feel free to get changed after your interview and before the PBL session if you feel more comfortable doing so!

A few people did that

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the open house is highly recommended. imo, ubc uses this to showcase to out-of-province students its unique program and facility. the phrase "world class" is thrown around quite liberally these days, but ubc's clinic certainly deserves it.


the informational sessions (particularly the financial presentation) were very useful and put into perspective how much planning we have ahead of ourselves. ubc is pretty expensive when you tally the cost of the program and vancouver living expenses, and i don't think the max line of credit and max student loans leave too much leeway for leisure spending. this is budgeting bootcamp, i guess.


it was slightly intimidating meeting everyone and discussing backgrounds and interests, as you find out very quickly that you're in a very qualified group of applicants, most of whom are thoughtful, articulate, and personable. that being said, it was great meeting all of you guys and gals from bc and alberta.


if you have the time, definitely do the pbl session. from friends' accounts, i was pretty optimistic about the program; after having done a mock session, i'm reaffirmed that it fits my style of learning and communicating. it really isn't for everyone, so it would be a disservice to yourself to make a decision about it without first having experienced it.


the interview itself was a very positive experience (not implying that i performed well). the interviewers were polite, friendly, and receptive. they reciprocated emotion, and even joked around and gave me some immediate feedback. i had some familiarity with the interview room, since the open house was held in the same facility the previous day.


my interview was slightly over an hour, and it flew by. i couldn't believe it when they said they were on the last question.


relax, and BE YOURSELF. contrary to what i thought prior to the interview, there is no real way to prepare for the questions and follow-up questions they'll give you. if you have polished answers for what you anticipate they'll be asking, and they throw a curveball follow-up, it will catch you off guard, and they will be able to tell. just be honest, thorough, and professional. have fun with it, and good luck!

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allsmiles, for vancouver in general, you don't really need rainboots. i wear sneakers mostly. and a hoodie. they're pretty much ubiquitous here. a parka is recommended for when it rains. we're pretty much a jeans and t-shirt town, and it doesn't ever get too cold here.


make the weather network your bff for a while before you leave. our weather has been pretty unpredictable lately. if it snows, a warm coat and a scarf is cool.


oh and don't wear those crocs shoes. nobody thinks they look good, and nobody can make them look good.

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