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Hi Everyone,


It's been a while since I have been on this forum. Third year's taking a toll on my life.


For those who do not know me, I have been on this forum for 4 years now since I first applied to Dental School. I am now a third year at UBC.


I also sit on the admissions committee and those who were on this forum since last year will remember I coordinated the first UBC Dentistry tour and Q&A event during interview weekend. Since then, with the change in Deans, the event has taken a exponential turn. While I am still involved, I no longer coordinate the event. However, with my experience from last year, I am the so-call captain of the tours. Hence, you will likely meet me as I direct you into groups for assigned hosts.


This is a great event because it will give you a great idea of the technological advances offered at UBC. Part of the high expenses is due to upkeep as those equipment do not come cheap, ie. Planmeca i units ~$50,000/unit.


Please enjoy the day and feel free to ask questions from the students. We have a large group of 3rd and 4th year volunteers. I will try to move around to speak to most of you during the luncheon. I did that last week and managed to speak to some of you. I provided my business card to those people. For those I missed, I apologize. Please pm' me and I will provide you with my contact information. As I told those people I spoke to last week, you will have more questions once you are accepted. Right now, you are too focused on the interview, the next step. Once accepted, more questions will undoubtedly come up so please contact me then if needed. I have been there so I know what's going on in your mind.


I also have a relatively extensive knowledge of the program at UBC through my previous role sitting on the Curriculum committee so please feel free to ask questions. As well, I have a number of friends in different dental schools across the country so I can be of assistance as well.


The only questions I cannot answer due to my role on the admissions committee are questions related to interview results, scores, tips, etc.


I wish you all the sincerest luck as I have been there and know how much anxiety and pressure you are facing.

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Lol...yup have the business card :) I found the announcements to rotate around the clinic were helpful. I don't think my group made it all the way around all 15 or so stations, but it was helpful to talk to the different students and profs and clinic staff. At some stations I wish there had been more time, whereas in others it seemed that there wasn't really too much to show (or it wasn't too clear as to what was being shown).

As an aside:

Where do most of the lectures take place on campus?

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Yeah, the stations were finalized by a professor... I too did wonder why we needed to see some stations, ie. the instructor's resource area online. However, I think they wanted to give the parents a chance to see, assuming some were dentists and may be interested in pt teaching.


The medical courses are all held at the LSC as microserf mentioned. The dental ones are held at the John B. MacDonald building - the only lecture room in the old clinic, and at Woodward IRC which is next door. These rooms are definitely a contrast to the new clinic and the LSC.

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