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what do i get ???..help


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Hi...i have a question regarding course load distribution...due to medical problems i was unable to complete any courses during my first two years at U of T my course load is

--transfer credits (from Gce) : 3 (first yr courses)

--2 years off

--1st summer :2 credits(first yr courses)

--1st year :2.5 credits (2nd yr courses)

--2nd summer: 3 credits (one 3rd yr course rest 2nd yr)

--2nd year:7 credits (all 3rd and 4th yr courses)

--3rd summer:2.5 credits(4th yr courses)


I checked out the websites of almost all medical schools in Canada and they all require a full course load i.e 5 credits to use their gpa formula,,will they apply it in my case and if not will there be anything applied to my credits, do i get anything, how will they calculate my gpa and will my course load distribution effect my application negatively?

i would really appreciate if u guys could help me out with this


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