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MCAT more than 3 times - problems?


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hey all


Just wondering what problems are associated with writing the MCAT more than 3 times?


I likely won't study in the US (where a lot of schools average your scores)...


I want to stay in Canada -- most schools will use either your most recent or your highest score?


I've written twice already... and am contemplating whether to go hard once more this summer, or give a 3rd shot early in the summer and then potentially a 4th shot at the end of the summer if the early doesn't go well.



Do any CANADIAN schools really frown upon 4x MCAT? Or won't consider you? etc ?


Any advice / insight would be appreciated.

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Guest begaster

I've heard they do, but I can't really back it up with any evidence. Just hear-say. Your best best is to call the adcoms and ask.


That being said, why waste an attempt? May as well try your hardest.

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The >3 MCAT = bad sounds like premed mythology if you ask me.


We all know how premeds love to stress out about stuff like this. ;)


Back in the day when the MCAT was on paper the AAMC was more strict about how many times you could write the test. I have a feeling this myth originates from this...

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