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Question concerning a W on my transcript...


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I just restarted University this semester after a year of absence. I've been doing really well thus far except for a class, in which I almost failed a mid-term. Now, I guess I can blame my troubles in readapting to student life as the cause of my problem in this particular class; then again, I'm doing very well in my four other classes (including two A+ thus far!).


I must say that since I haven't been a student for a while, and therefore I have some habits that I need to get rid of before going full-time again. I'm seriously considering dropping the class I'm having trouble in.


Now, here's my question:


Will this W affect my eventual application to medical schools, or am I right assuming that since I have started unviersity this January, this semester isn't counted at all toaward the GPA (since they count a year from sept to april/may)?



Thank you all for your help. :)

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Each school is different. At mac, it doesn't matter at all how many courses you're taking. I"m not entirely sure about the others, I know Western requires full course load from Sept-April.... I know Queen's does accept part time for their cGPA calculation, but I'm not sure if there's a minimum # of courses for that.

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