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Concerning Referees


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Ask early... I asked in July and it gave me tons of stress and in hind sight didn't help my application.


I am already planning you future refrences for April just in case things don't pan out for me this cycle. Getting your stuff in order in the spring also is great for applying to the states if you are considering that.


I wouldn't coach them as you should feel confident in your references. I am sure profs etc. write tons and tons of them and know what they are doing. ;)


Thats my two cents.

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I've had people offer to write reference letters for me but I went with those profs/people I know best who have specific examples to say about me.


ALWAYS say something like "Can you provide me with a strong positive letter?" when you request a reference.


Try to pick people that can speak to different aspects of your suitability to medicine. Three letters saying you're great at biology won't hurt but it's redundant. I went with a character reference and two academic/research references. I did tell my references to use specific examples and mentioned some examples to help them along.


If you're applying to a lot of schools give your references stamped and addressed envelopes to make it easier on them and to prevent a mix-up or late letter.


Good luck!

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