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Time Stamp: April 12, 2:00PM  With tears in my eyes... ACCEPTED!!!!!!!! (OOP WL) GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 515 Essay: I tried my hardest on this section bc im not very confident in my essay writing but

Accepted! OOP  GPA: 3.8 MCAT: PS 11 VR 10 BS 12 Extracurriculars and Interview: PM me for details To all those rejected or wait-listed: please don't give up. I received 20 pre-interview rejections

Time Stamp: April 12, 8:24 am EST Accepted!! (Saint John New Brunswick Campus) IP/OOP: OOP wGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 516 Essay: It looks like my essay and supplemental score was the low

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OOP (undergrad at UofT); Accepted to Halifax campus!!


Dal GPA: 4.0

MCAT: 33


ECs: Hospital and community volunteering, peer mentoring, student committees, 2 yrs of research, 5 yrs of lifeguarding and swim instructing, lots of ER shadowing, lots of work with elderly and kids, 17+ yrs of piano, etc.


I remember coming out of my interview feeling pretty great. I tried masking my nervousness by going in with a fun, lighthearted attitude and I think that really helped with making a good overall impression.


I'm still up on cloud nine even though it's been a few hours since the news. Today has seriously been the best day of my life :)

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PEI Applicant:

BSc Hons Biology (St. FX): 3.6

MHSc (Lakehead): 3.9


MCAT: 31

EC's: Cancer Clinic volunteer, HELP program, varsity athlete and captain, graduate assistant, bunch of research stuff.....and more but i don't feel like typing because I want to CELEBRATEEEEEEE  :D :D  :D



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MCAT 41 14-13-14

GPA 3.7 best two years

ECs: weak

4th year undergrad

First time application


My Scores

GPA & MCAT: 22 / 25

Essay & Supplemental: 17 / 35

Interview: 27.60 / 40

Total: 66.60 / 100


Averages for NS Accepted

GPA: 3.9 = 14 / 15

MCAT: 30 = 8 / 10

Essay & Supplemental: 28 / 35

Interview: 32 / 40

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First time applicant
4th year undergraduate
NS applicant
MCAT 33 VR-10 BS-11 PS- 12
GPA- 3.9 on Dal scale
ECs- average tbh. Volunteered in hospitals , research work in various departments, lots of student groups
Interview- I thought it was okay. I thought I did really well in some stations, but not so good in others

I am just so grateful!

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ACCEPTED and ecstatic.

NB applicant (grew up in SJ so I'm very familiar with the city).

MCAT 29 (PS-8 VR-10 BS-11... it was in 2012 so I had the writing sample but don't remember the score and don't feel like going to find it... in fact I'm only 95% sure my breakdown is even correct but I don't wanna dig out my password to the AAMC site)

GPA 3.9 Dal scale

BSc in Bio (no honours)

Currently finishing an MSc (Bio, technically medically-related).

ECs and stuff - volunteering at hospitals and with kids with special needs; was a lifeguard/instructor for years and Waterfront Director at a summer camp (after being a counsellor through high school); worked at a long-term care facility for a few months; volunteering trip with Global Brigades (highly recommend); a couple tiny student government-type positions over the years; I also made an effort to include a lot of personal hobbies in my application, like photography, weightlifting, running, cooking... hard to verify but they help give the picture of who I am and how I spend my time, so I figured why not.


I applied once 2 years ago immediately out of undergrad and was unsuccessful. I decided to do my Master's basically to give me something to do. It also gave me TIME to work on building up some of my other experiences. While it ended up being worth it, I cannot in good conscience recommend diving into a research-based Master's (or PhD if you're insane) if you aren't REALLY passionate about the research. Research is not really my thing and I've had to find out the hard way. Luckily it worked out for me, but I think there are potentially better ways to spend your time, and better ways to get research experience and find out whether or not it's for you. I would recommend getting more research experience in undergrad or during summers before committing to a whole new degree.


Congrats to everybody on surviving this process... and this WAIT... I haven't slept in weeks...


And congrats to my fellow successful applicants!



EDITING to add one more thing - - I also did a lot of MMI prep this time. I went to a few weeks of a workshop hosted by Dal, and actually met with a private coach a couple times. Made a phenomenal difference.

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IP (NS) Waitlisted 
GPA: 3.8/4.0
MCAT: 28 (11-verbal /10-biological /7-physical) 

BSc Psychology (no honours) MA (c.) health related, thesis based 

ECAs: Lots of volunteer/student society positions over the last 6 years of being at university- some medical/health related, lots of leadership roles and community volunteering. Also did some physician shadowing, medically related volunteering abroad (3x), volunteer and paid research assistantships, teaching assistant, spent a semester abroad. A few awards and scholarships. 


Interview: I felt happy with it afterwards, and prepared a lot for it over the years, tried to not over prepare this year and be more relaxed. 

Score: 72.15

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GPA: 3.6 (last two years)

MCAT: 28 (VR 9, PS 8, BS 11)


ECAs: Hospital volunteering, shadowing doctors, tutoring, humanitarian trip, work in a doctors office, research assistant for two summers, health promotion group at university, academic coach in afterschool program for disadvantaged youth...


Worked really hard in preparing for MMI. Felt really confident after the interview!


First time applying to Dal! (Applied to MUN last year)

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OOP applicant

GPA: 3.9

MCAT: 32

Graduated undergrad

First time applying to Dal (3 time applicant overall)


EC's: Lots! Volunteering, leadership, fundraising, jobs, music, acting, yoga, a lot of clinical research with tons of patient contact, some awards and some other fun stuff.


Interview: I felt it went well! I never felt stumped, I had great interactions with the interviewers, and I left with few, if any, regrets. I have a lot of performance experience so I'm comfortable speaking in public. Even so, I practiced quite a bit via Skype leading up to the interview.


Congrats everyone!

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Accepted NS applicant

GPA 3.7 last 2 yrs

MCAT: 32- PS11, VR9, BS12


ECs: tons! posters, one publication, medical related volunteer and work experience, intramurals, travel etc

Interview: I prepped on campus with the MMI group hosted by Jeannette and I paid for a MMI prep course (macadmissions), I found they both helped as one I got lots of practice and the other had strategies on how to ans diff MMI ques which really focused my answers as I found I would ramble on to cover 8 mins before we worked o the strategies. The actual MMI interview I felt went really well I had fun and was not stressed but happy to be there it was like a game show to me.


I have been lurking here a loooong time and to those of you who did not get the news you wanted please DONT give up! I applied 3 times over a span of 4 yrs and each time I learnt more about the process, adapted my application and got inspiration from this forum! So believe me if you want it keep trying, you can do it!

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I'm a Nova Scotian resident with BSc. Microbiology & Immunology, finishing MSc. Occupational Therapy this year.

My GPA is 3.8.

MCAT score: 29 - PS9, VR10, BS 10

I was ACCEPTED by Dalhousie!! This is my second time applying to this school, but third time overall.


Congratulations everyone !


For those who did not receive the news you were looking for keep at it! 

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Accepted IP (NS)


GPA: 3.7 (MSc plus last 2 yrs undergrad) - funny story, my UG GPA was 2.91 on the OMSAS scale - a low GPA is an uphill battle, but one that can evidently be won!


MCAT: 32S (9PS, 12VR, 11BS)


ECs: wide variety - publication, posters at regional/national/international conferences, teaching experience, volunteering with kids, the elderly, volunteer experience with different disease/injury types


Interview: as with most people, depending on my mood that day it either went well or horribly (I guess it turned out well, though). I prepared a ton for it.


This was my first time applying to Dalhousie.

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Accepted IP (NS)


GPA: 4.0

MCAT: 29

EC's: Covered all areas (medical & non-medical activities, leadership roles, long-term & short-term activities). PM me for details

Essay: A personal account that covered all important activities/experiences that led me to medicine

Interview: I started practicing in June until interview day. Not everyone needs a lot of practice, but I know it helped me feel familiar and confident with MMI's. I had one bad station, 2-3 decent stations, and the rest felt amazing. Very fun interview format!


This was my second time applying, and I'm thrilled it worked out this time. I learned a lot about the process and, more importantly, myself and why I want to go into medicine through this second application. If anyone wants help applying, please message me, as I'd be happy to assist anyone in this tough process. Good luck to future applicants - keep trying, and you'll make it!

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Accepted In Province


GPA: 3.8

MCAT: 27

EC: experience working as a health care professional, experience with marginalized populations, volunteer and advocacy work, member of a competitive sports team


This was my third time applying at Dal. I was rejected the first, waitlisted the second, and now accepted. Previously my score was average for academics and mcat (doesn't need to be as high as you would think), above average for the interview, but low on the supplemental information, so this time I really worked hard on improving my essay, and actually cut out some volunteer experience from my undergrad that read as superfluous. 

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IP applicant, accepted!!  


GPA: 4.0/4.0

MCAT: 39 (14PS, 13VR, 12BS)

ECAs: Varsity athlete, lots of tutoring with students with disabilities, summer with Canadian cancer society, clubs/societies, TA and lab demonstrator, publication in process, coaching volleyball and tennis, etc.

Interview: Was my second interview, MUN was the week before, and I prepared lots but very informally! Practiced in the mirror and with everyone who would listen to me talk for 8 minutes  :P


First time applying, so I am super excited!!!  :)  :)  :)


CONGRATULATIONS to everyone else who got accepted, and best of luck to those on the Waitlist!!

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