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Thinking of switching majors - need help

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Im thinking of switching out of biochemistry and into neuroscience for my 4th year (I've taken most of the neuro pre-reqs since my biochem major allows so much room for electives). However, if I do this, I need to take a few 2nd year courses, a couple 3rd years, and one half 1st year.


Now I know U of T requires that you have 60% of courses at your year or above, except for 3rd and 4th year where they can be 60% 3rd/4th year courses. If I were to make the switch, then I would have (for my 4th year of study):


0.5 credits from 1st year courses

1 credit from 2nd year courses

2 credits from 3rd year courses

2 credits from 4th year courses


I would be fine for U of T. But how about the other medical schools? Anyone know if I need 3 credits at the 4th year level?

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