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Med Student Looking For Sublet June/july


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Hey Guys,


I'm a U of A med student doing an internship with the CMA Office of Public Health this summer and I'm looking for a reasonably priced place to sublet. As far as roommate-ness goes I'm super clean and pretty easy going. I've also been told I have "sick awesome" dinner conversation skills if that helps. . .


If you know of anyone going traveling and looking for someone to sublet within walking/transit distance to Alta Vista Dr. I'd love to hear from you. OR even if you know of good housing registries or good places to rent, I'd be super grateful for the advice!!



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hey Brendan,


I'm currently looking for someone to sublet my room. I live in residence at the university of ottawa. My rez is an apartment style with 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. It's clean and located in the downtown region.


let me know if you are interested



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