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University of Sydney Medical Program Interviews

Guest driedcaribou

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Guest radicalz1982

Hey man~~


I am just wondering are you going to have a sydney interview in Septeber or October? Mine interview is in October, but I was told that they have given interviews in September already.

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Guest driedcaribou

Hey there.

I had my interview in September.


I have a friend who is interviewing in October.


Have they told you which day you're being interviewed yet?


I've never applied for any med schools before Sydney so I've obviously never had an interview in North America before so I can't compare them based on my experience. But, from reading about North American interviews online and talking to people I know other than what I've read, they seem to be quite relaxed in comparision.

It's a 25 minute interview with 5 minutes of questions you ask.


Prepare it like you would any other med school interview.

Check the interview forum for tips.

It's just weird because you don't bring anything but your ID... you don't really need your confirmation letter but it wouldn't hurt to bring it.

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Guest Kirsteen

Hey there,


I was really quite shocked yet delighted to receive my U. Sydney interview invitation this evening. Amazing, since I couriered my application a few days after my return from Australia (Sept. 24th), and equally amazing that they have suggested an interview date of next week--:eek ! Were any of you guys given any options re: interview scheduling?




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Guest driedcaribou

Hi. I was not given any options for my interview which was in September.


I was given a choice of location (San Fran, New York, Singapore, London or Sydney) though.


Are you going to San Fran? That's the location I picked because I live on the West Coast.

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Guest TeahupooBarrels


I hope you are all well. I was hoping that anyone who has had any experience or knowledge of what the University of Sydney Med School interviews are like. Any advice/feedback would greatly be appreciated as my interview is this Saturday in New York. Thanks and take care.




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Guest whatisthisakira

It was very laid back to be honest

Prof Ian Spence and another lady (can't remember her name) interviewed me. They each asked a couple questions but it wasn't intimidating.


5 questions total that you have plenty of time to answer.

It went by really fast - maybe 30 mins tops.


The one that threw me for a couple seconds was "How do you make a difficult decision?"


They will prompt you to give examples of your own experiences to back up your answers.


good luck. ;)

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