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Full In-Class TPR 2007 Text Set Virtually Unused


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Hey there everyone

I have a complete 2007 TPR Hyperlearning text set for MCAT review almost unused.

I enrolled in 2007 and decided a week in the class to defer for a year and then was sent new books for 2008....


So I did a weeks worth of highlighting.

Included is: (used portions in brackets)


Bio Review (1 chapter of bio highlighted)

Physical Review (1 Chapter of Physics and Chem highlighted)

Verbal Review (nothing)

Science Workbook (No Problems done)

In Class Compendium (3 or 4 passages done)

Verbal Workbook (no questions done)


I'm going to ask for $175 plus shipping but if I'm not receiving interest will be happy to negotiate. I also will be willing to knock some of the price if for whatever reason you would be willing to trade an unused EK 101 Verbal book.


I'm located in Southern Ontario and would be willing to arrange local pickup if interested


Please PM me if interested...

Thanks so much!

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