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2 degrees OMSAS gpa help

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I am in the process of completing my first degree as a Medical Lab Technologist, my current GPA isn't high enough to apply to med school but good enough to get me a job as a Technologist. I'm thinking of enrolling for a second undergrad degree at U of T to get better marks since I've always wanted to go to med school, how will my GPA be calculated, will my GPA be a combined total from both degrees??? or will they be looking at the most recent undergrad GPA. Thanks for the help.

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I think the best way to know how medical schools and/or the OMSAS will deal with your situation is to contact them and ask them about your case.


Did you finish a college degree (Diploma)? If that's the case, I am not sure if OMSAS will consider these marks, because I think you need to be enrolled in a University degree before applying to medical school.


I can speak about my experience. I attended two Universities (first overseas, and the second one at UW) before applying to Medical school. Only my marks from my recent degree were used for the OMSAS GPA calculation.


Good luck.

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