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given that is was balanced a 32 R.......



However I would retake a 15,15,9 as I don't have the GPA cumulatively... so I need to hit Western and Queen's mcat cutoffs so in essence I'm saying I would retake a 39..... lol that hurts to say


Don't you have to meet both GPA and MCAT cutoffs?

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Don't you have to meet both GPA and MCAT cutoffs?


After this year I'll have a strong 2 year GPA.... Years 1-3 of university were more about drinking lol... and it shows....

Now after a decent 4th years.... I was able to start a new degree and have an excellent 5th year (year 2 of the degree) so next year I should have GPA met for Western and Queens

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you know what's funny?


almost every single MCAT administration, someone DOES get a 44.


that just makes me sick.......


I was told by my Kaplan teacher that before this summer that just passed (aka the first computer administration), the highest anyone obtained in the previous 2 years was a 43T.


On topic, I would have rewritten if I did worse than 32Q

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Heh the way it's going, now I'm starting to think my 10 is PS is iffy for the next application rounds.


Watch in 2 years, it's gonna be like...12 in every section and S for writing. Ha. (not really that funny...)


Oh god that isn't funny at all... lol... the worst I could potentially see is an 11 cutoff in any one section after hearing how western determines cutoffs and even then an 11 is absurd....


I've posted on what I wouldn't rewrite with but a derivative of that is the score at which I would have completely sound thought.... would be a 33 R.... 11's in each section..... I could never see Western of Queens making it worse than that.


Also on an interesting note look at this page on the AAMC site



It'll let you look at means of all test takers in a given year for each section....

The interesting part is that the mean for bio last year was an 8.8 and an 11 was 75.9-87.8 th percentile......


When I wrote in August of 2006 it was 79.3-87.1 to get an 11.....


That may not seem like much but for every 100 test writers 3.4 more students got an 11 that would have got a 10 in my sitting. That may have been enough to tip the scales... you never know.

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I looked at a few more charts... an 11 is usually about 80th percentile and in 03 even it was 84th! So can you imagine trying to apply with a 10 in your 04 MCAT and being rejected for an "easier" 11. lol I know a lot more goes into it than that but the least bit of variability (which can never be totally controlled) could potentially make or break someone.

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I think your are foolish if you rewrite with a score over 30Q. It gets to the point where schools are going to ask, why is this guy rewriting with a good score that can make it beyond the vast majority of cut offs.


Medical schools look at you as a person after the initial cut for an interview, a 33 or 40 will be increasing irrelevant beyond this point.

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It's not foolish because the reality is...when you don't meet cutoffs, you don't get an interview at Western/Queens. And there is no way to get around it.


And in Ontario, there are essentially only 6 medical schools, so that's 1/3 of your chances gone right there.


And applying OOP = very bad odds.

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I'm rewriting with a 31 R (11,11,9)


My cGPA is 3.2

My best two years Is looking after this year to be a 3.9

and my last two years about a 3.76-3.78


depends on how exams go...


I'm only applying to Ontario schools....

It's questionable with queens new cuts offs but in the last several years I would be refused an interview....


Western needs 10's traditionally, and an 11 in bio this year so my 9 disqualifies me....


I'm from rural ontario but not from the north so good luck with northern....

Mac i have a lot of help with but unlikely that a 3.2 would hold up...

Toronto my wGPA is a 3.58 ...... no interview... Ottawa not even close to the GPA....



So I can decided not to rewrite an maybe squeek an interview at Queens and Mac or northern.....


or I could rewrite and nearly assure myself and interview and Queens and Western with a good MCAT and then have outside chances at Mac and Northern..... so to say retaking anything 30 Q or over isn't a good idea really doesn't apply in my and imagine many peoples case.

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Yeah I agree. I was kinda "lucky" (funny word to use) in the sense that I completely bombed my first MCAT BIG TIME. So there was no question at all whether to rewrite or not.


But for people like supafield, yeah, that hurts to rewrite with a 31R, but you gotta do what you gotta do. That's just part of life.


I know people who have like > 36 (!!!!) and didn't get interviews at Queens OR Western because of WS...imagine that. In that respect, their MCAT for those schools = someone who got 18. Both rejected. Harsh, but the reality.


Of course, you have to examine yourself--- would it benefit me to beef up the application in other ways? i.e. if you have a 32R or something (and one 9 section) and great EC's, but lacking research, maybe you'd rather not touch the MCAT. It's a personal choice, but I wouldn't really say anyone's "Foolish" for increasing their chances and med schools are probably well aware of this.


Actually, med schools don't care (as far as Western/Queens) are concerned. The MCAT scores go into the computer and you either get interview or rejection lol.

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