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No Registration Tomorrow


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hmmm... We regret that we cannot open registration on April 3 for the remaining testing dates in Canada?? Why do they say the "remaining" testing dates... have they already released any testing dates or are they referring to older testing dates.


talking about the January-May tests

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Hello all,


I'm playing around on the AAMC website so I know what buttons I should press when I'm registering on Monday... but I'm noticing that there's no section where I can say that I want to register in a session once I've found seats available... (I just clicked into a USA date to try it out)


Do you guys know whether it is a glitch in my AAMC account that I can't seem to register for a test? or am I looking at the wrong thing?


The "Checkout and Practice Tests" tab is something that I can't enter....is that normal?


How am I actually supposed to register using that AAMC site?


Thanks in advance :)

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Just take an April / May test date for Ontario... and clikc on an available time to get an idea of how it works - it saves a seat for you.


or try an american seat for june july etc


to practice... you dont actually have to pay / confirm even if you click on a seat available.

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staring at this for the past 2 hours





Please wait by keeping this web page open. If you close out of this page you will lose your turn.


You will be taken to the registration login page as soon as we are able to handle your request during this busy time.


Don't have an account yet? Register here.


Loading Bar


Helpful Hint: Opening multiple browser windows and/or multiple tabs in a web browser decreases the chances that you will get into the system and is very likely to significantly increase your wait time.

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