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GAH!!! Anyone else having application problems??

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hey fellow ninjas!

is anyone else having problems with U of M applications??


i have had the following:

1) they LOST my references. while claiming (repeatedly) that i "miswrote the addresses" of all three references, they failed to contact any of them.

2) they misplaced parts of my application forms...for reals.

i had saved paper copies of everything, yet, mysteriously they lost my high school information, my marks....

3) they "didn't" recieve my MCAT scores (despite AAMC confirming that the scores were sent) until i pushed them to re-check ..and *magically* there they were?


i'm getting frustrated, but am still patiently waiting. however if (miraculously) i *do* get in...i'm going to have a lot of "constructive feedback" to give regarding the application process/organization.






PS not to ever really praise ontario over us, but i gotta love their online application checklists - they automatically update if they have your stuff, or don't have your stuff. none of this wishy-washy shenanigans!!

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Hey there,

YES, I have had very similar problems with this school for some reason, they just contacted me last week to say they didn't have the address of my high school and I had an issue with the reciept of one of my reference letters (I was told they had it for sure, and then got to the interview and was told they didn't in fact have it about 1 minute before we had to leave the Brodie, sort of stressed me out!). Anyway, I think it might be an issue with perhaps some new staff etc, but as long as I get good news then I will forgive them :). Just wanted you to know you're not alone (I know at least one other person had an issue with their high school info for some reason).

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They just called me asking me for my high school information which they didnt have in their system and told me "you didnt put it in your online application" which is funny because I didnt do the online application I did it all on paper and have a photocopy saying I wrote my high school info. Its good that they are really nice about these things and call and ask for the missing info and don't make a big deal about.

Does anyone thing that they would care about this if i wasn't getting in or is this a good sign?

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Well, it may be that they are in the process of ensuring all info is in. I got a 'where is your final transcript?' request for continuing ed courses I took in fall based on the notice of registration I sent back in Oct, even though on my app I put that I was registering for courses for fall and winter. (BTW The way continuing ed works is that registration opens up 1 month prior to classes so I wouldn't have registered for winter prior to the notice I had sent).


This year is the first year U of M introduced the Computer Registration system. The problem is, they kept the paper system concurrently. That is probably playing a role, as likely a majority completed the online version leading to entries being placed into a database. Probably data entry this year was low in priority and things got missed. I bet in a few years the paper version will disappear.


It is unlikely the school will hint any 'good signs'. It is likely a formality that all information is collected to complete the application, and would be held over for future applications. Even though they have had a month to deliberate as to the composition of the future class, they may not have made any decisions at this point.

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