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I have a question in regards to which schools and/or all schools give penalty to non full course loads?


and for course load, is it referring to ur fall/winter terms or do they count summer courses as well??


i had ful course loads in first and second year and due to pure ignorance didnt realize the impact of not taking a full course load in 3rd (4.5/5 courses + a summer course) and 4th (currrent year) (4/5 not planning to take summer)


i really hope theres not too much of a "penalty" but does someone have any similar situation/problems and can enlighten me?

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i know UofT doesnt penalize u.. i know this cuz i have a friend who is at uoft dental now and he told me.


but i know that Western does penalize u. however, its not always the case. because u know that they take ur best 2 years. if ur best 2 years happen to be ur first 2 years in which u took a full course load, then u will NOT be penalized. but if u use ur 3rd and/or 4th year in the calculation, then u will be penalized accordingly.


as far as how much the penalty is and how its applied, i havent got a clue.

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