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Hey guys

I'm in first yr life science rite now, and am planning to apply to pharm next year. So my plan is that during 3rd year I will be in 1st yr BSc Pharm, if everything goes as planned.

Well I'm wondering would it be possible to apply to med school after completing one yr of pharmacy, because by then I will have finished 3yrs of university. OR will it be 1st yr all over again, and I will have to wait another 2 yrs before being able to apply?



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You might want to look into your scenario more. From what I hear, because there is a shortage of pharmacists, med schools often refrain from taking people in pharmacy schools, like stealing from one area of need to put it into another. If you chose this route, be prepared to explain why you applied to med school after getting accepted to pharmacy!


But I do know someone who did what you want to do and got into medical school. However, they kept their desire to attend medical school secret from the pharmacy school, otherwise the pharmacy school would nto have bothered accepting them.


good luck

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thanks for the reply Mei Mei woman!

I think that if you are in BSc pharm they will look at those marks since you will be doing courses like XXX105, etc. ie first year courses.

thats just what im thinking, still unsure.

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