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I wonder if you guys could tell me my chances of getting into dentistry.


I have a four year B.Sc. in Kinesiology and graduated with honours. My GPA over the years were:


1st year - 3.67

2nd year - 3.65

3rd year - 3.81

4th year - 3.83


My average of my best two years was 83.8%. I am now in my second year of my masters and have a GPA of 3.9 with an average of 88%. Wrote my DAT's and all are above 20.


I have my heart set on UWO. The thing that worries me is that UWO interview cutoff was 84.55%. I know UWO gives bonus points to honour and masters students so would this apply before they give out interviews? Also, what would be my chances for UofT?

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I'm sure you have a good chance at UWO, I do know that they give the bonus points for honors & masters degrees AFTER the interviews however. You should call Trish at UWO admissions for more information, honestly she's really friendly and more than happy to answer any questions. :)

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