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Waterloo lifescience.. from a highschool stud newb

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I havn't searched the whole forum yet for waterloo lifescience postings...

but does anyone have some insight on the lifescience program at waterloo?

I'm in the last year of highschool now with an avg in the 90's ... and I'm so so so so confused which school i should choose..

waterloo lifescience somehow has a real low cutoff avg ..(75% i think?) . would that mean it's program are not that good compared to other programs?

I was thinking about going in to biochem coop/... then i thought to myself that coop might prevent me from doing volunteer works or.. other other extracuricular activites...( which might not be true at all)


I personally, as of now, want to get into the pharmacy program at waterloo.. is it hard to get a maintain a high gpa at biochem program in waterloo (any firsthand expereriencers?)


THen,, i sort of want to go to queens or western where there's a much more exciting environment compared to waterloo..


This thread isn't really coherent but ... yeah.. my main question was is there anyone who could provide insight on waterloo lifescience programs..


Thnx in advance :)

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I might be able to help you a bit here..


I'm not in life sci, but I do go to UW for co-op. I am planning on applying for med school(that's probably why I'm on the forum =P), but I'm not in a science program, so my comment on the program itself won't be firsthand.


People in life sci programs do tend to get co-op jobs in some kind of labs, which could be used as your research experience, and you might even be able to get some references from these. Do keep in mind that if you are planning on finishing the degree then going to med school (if you choose to go to UW), it would take 5 years instead of the usual 4.


Anyway, as for coop preventing you from doing volunteer works and etc., I believe that if you are able to manage your time wisely, you can definitely fit all these in as well. I like getting involved in different things, and so far, I didn't have much of a problem fitting them into my schedule. I'm actually planning on volunteering at a hospital next term, while I'm at school, so that's another possibility. If you would like to do something during your co-op term, you can do that on the weekends, although it might sometimes be tiring.


UW science programs may not have high cut-offs, but a lot of people do come here with optometry or pharmacy or even med school in mind, so you still will find competitive people here, as you will in any other schools you mentioned.

For the biochem in specific, I can't tell you exactly, but from what I hear, it isn't that easy, but do-able.

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Hey there OP, I too go to UW, but I'm in the Honours Sci: Biomed Major program. It is a most excellent school to go to for your aspirations, plenty of competitive people to go up against.


In regards to biochem w/ coop, I completely agree w/ kimjy, but I'd like to point out from my talking with people in biochem and people going into biochem that the program is in no way nice and easy to you. Don't let those entry marks fool you....But aside from that its awesome, so yeah, totally go for it if thats what you want.

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