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caribbean schools?

Guest anonymous

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Guest Ian Wong

I'm going to move your thread to the International Med Schools forum. :)


In that forum, there's also a few snippets regarding going down to the Caribbean, and a link to a website authored by a Canadian who is currently attending down there.


The bottom line is that leaving Canada for med school means that you can't match in the first round of CaRMS, which, for all intents and purposes, makes it extremely difficult to do your residency in Canada. In the US, they accept many more foreign medical graduates, but again, most of these people can't get into very competitive specialties, so your options may be a bit limited.


I don't have much more information to help you out, as I'm not in that situation, and never devoted much energy to finding out more. I do think that going to the Caribbean should be an option to exercise only after you have ruled out med schools in Canada, the US, and other foreign schools with a stronger reputation (ie. Australia, the United Kingdom, etc).



UBC, Med 3

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