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I am a mature student (34) hopeful to get into UofT next year ( September 2009). I am not sure of my chances to get an interview and ultimately get in.


My GPA is a 3.78, and my aa/science is a 19 and pat is a 18. I have worked in the healthcare industry for the past 8 years and hence have an abundance of experience.


Any feedback would be appreciated. Take care.

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well 3.78 is an amazing gpa. Although just to let u know tat the stakes are very high and this time's cutoff for UFT was about a 3.81 and UFT strictly looks at the scores to call for an interview, the experience is something that is useful when you go for the interview.

I would suggest that apply everywhere within Canada and in States as well.

You have a good GPA and a good experience that combined with your determination and motivation to be a dentist should pay off at the end.

Good luck!!!!

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