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tonnes of MCAT material for sale - GTA and Waterloo

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I have some mcat books and material that I am trying to sell before I go away for the summer (May 15th). I am from woodbridge but I work downtown Toronto and I will be going to Waterloo next weekend...so I can meet in any of those areas to drop off the stuff. All the books are in excellent condition - only a few books have highlighting in some sections. All prices are negotiable...I would like to sell it all before I leave!! If it's not too inconvenient, Id be willing to meet with you to show you the books/material before you commit to buying it. If you have any questions please PM me or email me! The following is what I have for sale:


1) EK 7th edition: PRICE for whole set: $100

-full paper test (#1H) brand new

-Physics - less than half has some highlighting

-Biology - 35 pages of it have highlighting and some notes in the margins

-Orgo - less than 20 pages of highlighting - flashcards intact and unused

-Chemistry - first 20 pages have highlighting

-VR - no marks - new


2) Kaplan:

I enrolled in the online kaplan full program which came with Review Notes for each the biological sciences and the physical sciences. The content of these two books is pretty much the same as what is in the thick Kaplan book you can buy at the bookstore. However, unlike with the thick kaplan book, you have a quiz after each chapter of 12 questions with very detailed answers so you get a lot of practice.


The course also came with a Verbal Reasoning Strategy and Practice book with about 15 pages of tips and 11 practice verbal tests with very good explanations. There is also a section on the writing sample (70 pages) with grammar lessons and examples. I also have the Verbal edge lesson book but I only completed about 1/3 of the book so the later part will have some of the 'notes' missing (since this was an online course it is sort of like a workbook where some information is left for you to fill in while listening to the course).


Next is the actual Lesson Book (about 500 pages). This book goes through each possible type of passage for each section of the mcat and goes through with you what you should pay attention to, how to approach a certain type of passage, etc. A great book - this is the book that makes the course! However, I only have 1/2 the book filled out so you will not have the answers for the 1/2 half of the passages and some notes will be missing. Even with this information missing, it still provides a great framework for how to organize your notes and what to focus on!


Next is the High-Yield Problem Solving Guide. Its 250 pages of passages in biology, physics, orgo and chem all organized so that the topic of the next passage coincides with the next topics in the review notes. I really found this book useful since it goes with you, step-by-step, through a passage on every science-based topic - it was nice to see the theory put into action in mcat format!


Finally, I have the all the flashcards for all science subjects and the 4 MCAT Quicksheets (2 pages back and front, colour and laminated for each core science section - aka a cheat sheet of all the major principles) as well as foundation review notes printed from the online course in Math, Physics and part 1 (of 3) in chemistry.


PRICE: for all the kaplan material - $250. You will get all the physical material they sent me for the online course I paid 1800 for. If youre interested in just some books, let me know and I'll decide if I will split it up. I will also give you the 4 th edition of kaplan sample exams I bought previously thats in new condition if you buy the whole kaplan set.


3) Barron's How to Prepare for the MCAT 10th edition. Brand New Condition. 600 pages of theory, quizzes, review notes and 4 practice MCATs. PRICE $25


4) MCAT sample exams 5th edition - 270 pages, 3 practice exams with answers. PRICE $15


remember, let me know if you have any questions!


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