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Neurosurgery out of the question?

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i dont believe that this person is in med school.

like i literally dont find this credible.


there is no way that

a)you can become a neurosurgeon without a medical degree and

b)you wouldnt know this if you were in med school

c)you would be asking the premed forum this question without having first spoken about it with a classmate or prof


anyway, no you cannot become a neurosurgeon without "finishing" your medical degree.


if you are "no longer interested" in medicine then how could you be interested in neurosurgery?

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Hey all, I'm currently in medical school and have received less-than-stellar grades so far (~3.4/4 GPA).

Due to some adverse personal circumstances I no longer am interested in medicine and instead would like to pursue a career in neurosurgery.

Is it even feasible for me to do so, with such grades?


Which school? No medical school in Canada gives out grades. It's all pass/fail or honours/pass/fail. As long as you've passed, that's all that matters. You can change your mind a thousand times about which specialty to pursue as long as it's before residency applications.

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