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Hello there,


I'm very interested in eventually doing an internal medicine subspecialty residency in allergy and immunology. I am little hesistant about this though because I dont hear too much about this specialty. No one really talks about it too much and there are hardly and spots in it during the R4 internal med match (ie. look at http://www.r4match.ualberta.ca/).


Is there anything that I'm missing about this specialty area? Are they (the royal college) eventually going to phase this specialty out? I can't understand why there would be so few residency spots in it, considering that I personally know of a few people that have gone to see allergists during their lives for various reasons.


Does anyone have the inside scoop on this lesser-known specialty?

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I don`t know much about this specialization.


I just wanted to share that we had an allergist do one of our lectures at some point. He really enjoyed his specialty and encouraged us to consider it. According to him it is a great lifestyle.


It doesn`t surprise me that there are not alot of spots....how many allergy-immunology specialists do you really need? They are mainly consultants.

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