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HELP~!! 20 something guy re-applying to university

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Hi, there guys.


I'm a foreign guy, who finished high school in Canada.

Well... Since I've just got my Canadian citizenship, I guess that makes a

Canadian on my future application forms. (still adjusting to the culture, but I

love people here in general)



My life has been pretty messed up in the past few years.

One of the huge mistakes I've made was voluntarily dropping out of a pre-

med program only after one semester, because of some personal issues.

After much confusion, I finally decided to give dentistry a shot.

Since I'm so far behind everyone else, and this probably will be the last

chance to achieve my dream, I'm very cautious about picking the right

university. Here are some of my concerns.




1. I prefer text book-oriented courses over the ones that involve lots of group activities and presentations.



2. It'd be nice if the program doesn't require many credits from language-related (that is non-math, non-science based) courses to earn my degree.



3. I know that each Canadian university has their own way of grading students, and if the student wants to apply to American Dental Schools later, his GPA will be converted according to AMCAS?? scales.

What I'm wondering is...


Which university is relatively easy to maintain good grades?


Which university's grading system is most likely to boost my GPA in the course of applying to American Dental Schools?




4. If I fail to get into dentistry which university program provides me with more career paths?



You can give your opinions for each criterion, or just a ball-park advice. Either way, I'd really appreciate your input. :-) I'm trying to get back on my feet. Please help me out.

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UWO seems like your best choice. They have a great GPA conversion for US schools. If all your markes are 80 and above you will have a 4.0 or more.


UWO only requires to year pre-dent, but you have to be an outstanding student and they dont require and non-science coures as prereqs.

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