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Inconsistent AAMC practice test scores?


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Anyone else getting inconsistent scores on the practice tests (AAMC)?

Some of them I'm getting like 28-32, and on others like 23-25. It's frustrating because it almost seems like luck is involved if I get passages or content that I am stronger at.....

Anyone have any advice on how to make my scores consistent??


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My personal experience with AAMC practice tests is that scores are pretty constant across the different tests, after having studied EVERYTHING thorougly in the EK package.


Your experience to the contrary could be an indication that you are weak on certain areas (eg. optics in PS; genetics in BS) such that when you get practice tests with passages that focus on those you score lower. You may want to look at the exams that you score lower on and observe any consistent mistakes on certain scientific topics, which you should do some reviewing.

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