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EC question again (sorry)

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As a non-trad applicant who is coming from a strictly non-research background i have ac EC question. it seems like putting down research is a popular EC activity. I am assuming that most research (in undergrad anyway) is usually part of a class or univeristy credits. so i am asking if i am allowed to write EC activities that were part of my program credits.


I finished nursing school 3 years ago and part of my 3rd year credits was assisting with a non-traditional health fair. i was part of a group that researched yoga and obtained a yoga instructor for the fair which was open to the public to educate them about this activity.

In 4th year I was part of a traditional health fair where I set up a booth that carried out blood-cholesterol monitoring and educated the public about atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Should I list these activities seperately even though they were part of my degree requirement?

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