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Old(er) UWO Students and OMSAS

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Hi guys,


I'm a few years out of UWO, and I'm in the middle of putting info into OMSAS. Most of my courses have changed numbers/names this past year and it's pretty time consuming to have to hunt down the names of courses based on a new numbering system.


Anyway, if anyone else is having trouble, just go to http://www.westerncalendar.uwo.ca/2008/index.html and click on undergrad courses (on the left).


All the course names from my transcript are short form, and this is why I needed to look up the proper names.


Good luck filling in all the info.



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Hi there,


I completed my undergrad courses between 1992 and 1996. When I entered them into OMSAS, I just entered them exactly as they are written on my transcript (including the shortened/abbreviated course titles) and used the original course numbers. I was told that this was ok so you might want to double check with OMSAS because I don't think you need to convert all of your previous courses to the current course numbers.


(i.e., if you took chem CHEM100 in 1999 and for some reason it's now called CHEM105 - you should still enter CHEM100 into OMSAS because that's what it was called when you actually took it and that's what is on your transcript).


Sorry if this doesn't make much sense...

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makes perfect sense. i didn't change the course codes (ie ZOO 444 is now BIO 2458 and i kept it as ZOO 444) but did write in the full course name. i guess i just wasted a few hours typing in the full name.... :o


thanks for the clarification though :)




ps - sad to think that i'm getting so old that some of the courses i took aren't even offered anymore...

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