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Dont know what to do, need help

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Hey, first time poster. Im not sure what to do, Im almost a fourth year chem major, and at the beginning of the year, I wanted to change my major to general sciences, but for some reason I stuck with chem, and Im now really regretting it. I wanted to take physiology, path, pharm, and some cell and microbiology courses this year, and apply to med next year. Now im taking these chem courses, it seems its going to screw everything up and im not sure ill be confident enough to apply next year. So next semestor, i decided not to take some of the chem courses, and basically try to finish my degree by the end of the summer, meaning I have to take 6 upper classes next semestor and 3 during the summer. A few of these classes are ecology and psych classes like bio 302, 321, and psych 307, bio 361. And once I graduate, then I was thinking of taking all of the med courses next year. Or should I just take my time with my degree, and just finish at the end of next year. The only thing is, I kinda just want to finish my degree up, and then Ill probably feel much better about taking all the med courses next year. Any advice.

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