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2009 Interview Stats - Invited/Rejected

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maybe not. so far from what i have seen, it is only the VR that is confirmed to be 10, provided that the scores are being reported in the ps/vr/bs format.


You may be right, depending on the order people were listing there scores...


And Queens did have a 9,10,9 (32) N in 2003..... so who knows, They also had a gpa of 3.58 that year, both cumulative and last 2 years..... haha I would be receptive to that

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GPA 3.8

MCAT 32Q (12PS,11VR,Q,9BS)

which will teach me to take it with only a week of prep...

but looking at other rejections, I'm in highly educated company!


LOL, same here! I was away all summer (on research project) and when I came back I had 2 weeks to study for it. I was doing pretty well with the practice tests so I thought I was in good shape. But I was shocked to see how poorly I did on VR in the real thing.


Got my rejection on friday, but I knew I was rejected as soon as I saw my MCAT score in October. Stats: GPA 3.89, MCAT 31Q (11PS, 8VR, Q, 12BS)

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