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How many siblings do you have?


How many siblings do you have?  

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  1. 1. How many siblings do you have?

    • None. I'm an only child.
    • One.
    • Two.
    • Three.
    • Four.
    • Five.
    • More than five.

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I'm curious about what sparked your curiosity in this matter:) . I'm not trying to troll.


I was hoping it wasn't because you were trying to find a correlation between successful premeds and the # of sibling.


fair enough. most medical students I know have very few siblings (if any at all).

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To begin looking for a correlation between successful entry to medicine and number of siblings, a researcher should consider why there might be a positive (or negative) correlation between the two.


Any ideas what that reason might be?


Well, someone could assume that children who have like 5 siblings have limited financial support from their parents, so their opportunities may not be as numerous. They could also assume that if one is the only child or one of the two, the parents have way more energy to focus on them (and thus, more parental pressure). Although I'm not sure where the OP was going with this poll.

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do half sibs count? lol first born here too... Momma liked her men but not as much as daddy liked his women. lol (and hated condoms apparently) I have one full sib, one half(different fathers) raised together so shes my sis. Found out last year that dear old dad has at least 6 more kids scattered around! lol i call it poor white trash syndrome ;)

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